Newby and Scalby Parish Council consists of 13 councillors, all of whom can be contacted via the Council office.

The following hold office until May 2019. The next Parish Council elections will be held on 2nd May 2019.

Cllr. Derek Bastiman
Cllr. Liz Black
Cllr. Gareth Edmunds (co-opted 10/6/2015)
Cllr. Syd Foote
Cllr. Rachael Holliday (co-opted 10/6/2015)
Cllr. Ken Martin (co-opted 12/10/2016)
Cllr. Bill Miller
Cllr. Ron Pickersgill
Cllr. Carol Snow
Cllr. David Sutton (co-opted 12/10/2016)
Cllr. Richard Thompson (Vice Chairman)
Cllr. Reg Towse (Chairman)
Cllr. Debbie Wiles

Jools Marley is the Clerk to the Parish Council and Responsible Financial Officer. She is the Council’s only employee and is contracted to work 25 hours a week. She is normally in the office from 8am to 12 noon, but if you specifically need to see her it’s best to ring or email to check she will be available.